Who Am I?

My name is Stephen and I'm a Senior developer.

I specialise in .NET development but I also enjoy working with the vast collection of other languages that are out there. My career in development started over 14 years ago in the media industry, I then moved into online retail and I currently enjoy my succesfull role at a well known financial institution.

Me unable to see due to photo flash
When your daughter takes a photo with the flash right in your eyes...

My Skills

  • .Net

    I've been working with .Net since 2008, initially learning VB.Net then moving onto C#.Net. I was an early adoptor of Microsoft's MVC Framework (got the original MVC book on a shelf at home), and have lately been getting to grips with the .Net Core.

  • JavaScript Frameworks

    When jQuery was first appearing I attempted to get my employer at the time to start using it. Since then I've been interested in using many different frameworks such as KnockOut, Sammy.js, Modernizr and mostly recently I've been learning Angular (which I hope to do this site in soon).

  • Role Model

    I love learning new technology and then showing other people what is out there and how it might help them, be it a new gadget or a framework. At my current work place I've done a number of 'lunchtime learning' and bite size info sessions teaching the basics of some of the things I've learnt.


When not out and about playing Ingress, I try and keep my knowledge up to date.
Here are a few things I know about...

  • MVC
  • HTML(5)
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • CSS(3)
  • This is not an exhaustive list, for now just a quick top 5.